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Tuesday , August 22 2017
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20 years ago, father’s was 5 times as old as his son. After 5 years three times of father’s age will be equal to five times of son’s age. What are the present age’s of father and son?

Solution: Let, the present age of the father be x and that of the son be y years. ∴ 20 years ago father was = x-20 years and 20 years ago son was = y-20 years. Again, 5 years later father will be = x+5 years ∴ 5 years later ...

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Boolean algebra

Definition: Let B be a non empty set with two binary operation + and *, a unary operation (complement), and two distinct element 0 and 1. Then B is called a Boolean algebra if the following axioms hold where a,b,c are any elements in B: [B1]   Commutative laws: (1a)      a+b=b+a                                             ...

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